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Media Kit 2024

Welcome to Beat Retreat, the cornerstone event of SHOKU collective. This annual gathering is the culmination of our community experiences: Beat Sessions, Metropolis, and Pot Luck. It’s our guiding star, inspired by the Japanese “Shokunin,” a term for dedicated artisans who craft with precision and social consciousness.

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The SHOKU Spirit

SHOKU is a values-driven community and service. Beat Retreat reflects our response to a world that often pressures artists to conform to economic demands. Here, we focus on the initial instinct of creativity, offering a space where artists can be themselves and find inspiration. 

Partnerships & Possibilities

As we gear up for the fourth Beat Retreat, reflecting on how it all began can provide insights to where we’re going. Here’s a quick look at how we’ve evolved and how your brand can be part of the journey.

Knowledge share & education

Attendees come from all walks of life, from seasoned professionals to buddying beat makers. Newcomers bask in the presence of experience, while veterans make their yearly pilgrimage to beginner’s mindset. Many topics are discussed throughout the retreat: 

  • Hardware & Software deep dives
  • Music business/marketing strategies 
  • Professional skills & Self-development 
  • Mindset and wellness practices  
Retreat presentations
beat retreat talks

Brand & Product Awareness

Having tools-of-the-trade are essential to creative practice, where the weekend is literally centred around the products that make art possible. We invite brands to engage with us if any of the following sparks an idea! 

  • Product reviews and tutorials 
  • Film & Photoshoots 
  • Interviews & Podcasts 
  • Educational content 
  • Ad-hoc creative 

Hands-on workshops

Topical and subject to the needs of attendees, Beat Retreat has seen some of the following sessions:

  • Remix challenges 
  • Tech-Talks (Recording, Mastering techniques)
  • Music Production 101 (Beat-making)
  • Design Thinking brainstorms 
  • DJ tutorials (mixing, playlist management) 
  • Music culture/scene case-studies 
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Team & Character Building

90% of attendees return each year. Lifelong friendships are made and they become evangelists of the whole experience. The memories created become etched into their practice, where the skills and insights gained, are continued in the long term. 

Forging The Path to Beat Retreat IV

For this upcoming retreat, we’re embracing serendipity by finding a new venue that influences the energy of the event. The goal remains to create a space where artists can explore, connect, nourish, and release without commercial pressure. This year, we’ve titled the location “Magic Mountain,” a place that inspires creativity and brings us back to our roots. We’re committed to helping artists rediscover the joy of creating, away from the hustle and bustle.

Our first retreat was an extension of our Beat Sessions events, driven by the desire for deeper connections. It was a relaxed, "friends and family" affair where we set up a central area with sound equipment and let creativity flow. We shared meals, explored nature, and held a beat-making challenge using samples provided by Ghostlaps. The focus was on enjoying each other's company, without pressure to create. The result was a refreshing experience that inspired personal growth and artistic freedom.

After the success of our first retreat, we decided to formalize the experience. We moved to a new location, expanded attendance, and added more structure with planned talks, beat-making challenges, and jam sessions. This time, we also introduced a more professional setup with projectors and PowerPoint presentations to unify the group. These changes brought more focus but also raised questions about balancing fun with productivity.

Building on the previous year, we realized the magic of spontaneous collaboration during jam sessions. To improve, we rented a professional mixer and expanded the event with more keynotes and workshops, focusing on creativity and sound production. Despite our best efforts, capturing those magical moments was still a challenge. Yet, we continued to prioritize relaxation, with yoga, swimming, and shared meals in between jamming. The vibe was always unpredictable and unique.

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Feedback & reflections

Dyrick "Dez" Parusel

Beat Retreat II

Absolutely killer weekend. Thank you everyone for your efforts. The jams were off the hook. Saturday I well and truly had my mind blown 🤯 Some moments in the jams time disappeared and there was an incredible synergistic fusion of energy that was exhilarating, particularly when everyone changed pitch or timing simultaneously without a cue. Definitely keen for jams even outside of the retreat and if any of you want me to record some guitar for a beat, be glad to assist.

Louis "Moso" Charles

Beat Retreat III

Yoooo awesome weekend guys! Thanks for the vibes! Was really inspiring being around like minded people! I put together a small sample pack with a few sounds collected from the weekend! Thanks Berry Hartono Alex Henry and Formens Darrindon for organising the beat retreat! Keen for another one soon!

James Mcdonald

Beat Retreat I

Just wanted to say a big thank you to Berry, Alex and Rahms for organising Beat Retreat and to everyone else that was there that brought their own unique ingredients to make it the truly amazing experience that it was

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