Pack them bags

You're going to Beat Retreat 2021 (SOULWOODS)

Thanks for helping make BR2021 possible. As a non-for-profit retreat, we’re able to do this by the collective power of creatives coming together.

To ensure we’re all getting the most out of the retreat, we’ve got a few more questions to help finalise the program itinerary.

The checklist below will also explain all the details of the retreat to make sure everyones up to scratch.

ZOOM MEETING 19th September

There will be a ZOOM meeting for all of us to briefly meet each other. This will also give us a chance to ensure everyone is up to date and ready to go on the 1st October.

Join the Facebook group

We recommend joining the private Beat Retreat Facebook group to keep up with news and notifications about the retreat as they develop, and a place to ask further questions.

Retreat checklist

Please fill out the questions below and familiarise yourself with the checklist. It will help us finalise all the details we need to facilitate an awesome experience.


There will be protein and carbs provided such as eggs, bread and condiments. We encourage you to bring the things you would like to eat for yourself, including your choice of grazing foods and snacks. In our experience, lightweight, nutritiously dense foods are best for creativity.

Cooked dinners for x3 nights ($30 per-person)

Rahms is actually an incredible cook and has designed a menu for the three nights ($10 p/night). This is optional if you have your own dinner preference, however we highly recommend the convenience and connection of shared cuisine.

BYO alcohol and whatever elevates you

Extra points if you have an esky to help free up fridge space.

BYO tents, towels, toiletries and tech

If you’ve got a tent spot, make sure you bring a tent. Everyone should bring their own towels and toiletries incase the venue falls short.

There’s a 50m walk from the car to the venue to consider when planning equipment to bring. We encourage bringing the essentials for your art process including any cables for electronic gear and materials like dropsheets for art. (HEADPHONES ARE ESSENTIAL)

Pay remaining 50% balance by 17-September

The 17th is also the last date to let us know if you can no longer attend in order to get a full refund.

Bed 50%: $167.5
Tent 50%: $110


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