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In an attempt to keep everyone in the loop, we’re aiming to publish updates on the SHOKU squad every month, with potential to turn this into a YouTube channel. So if you like it, let us know x


1st Beat Retreat

Happening this long weekend (Oct 3rd), seven of us are heading out to the mountains to prototype the first ever Beat Retreat.

Designed to be a more focused version of Beat Sessions, we plan to learn as much as we can about bringing producers out for production workshops and a series of talks held by those who attend.

We’ve found that teaching is a huge part of learning, and each artist has their own set of lived experiences unique to their journey. We plan to tap into this resource in each attendee and hope to open the retreat to the wider community for those looking to develop their skills.

Parts of the retreat will be streamed live, so go ahead and follow us on Twitch to see what you can expect when we officially launch Beat Retreat!

May Lyn’s music video

May Lyn has been on a rampage ever since she stepped foot in Australia. The Malaysian born singer, songwriter and producer has released her latest music video for Closed Doors. She’s also been busy working with Kraznov on a joint EP, working title: Krazlyn Maynov… don’t quote us on that.

Filmed and Directed by Que Film Collective
Creative/Visual direction by Akira Le
Music performed by May Lyn
Cast: Sen Shao and Mirage

Night Palms debut EP – Body Language

Night Palms has been elusive up until recently with his debut EP released June 30th. His last release was the popular Jiggly Puff, and then silence for two years.

According to Palms, his sound evolved (doesn’t it always?) and he wanted to wait until it felt right before releasing his first official EP. He now says he’s evolved even further and is leaning towards more dance oriented tunes. Lets see if this strategy pays off, as Night Palms is known for his wavy down tempo beats.

Spare Time beat tape vol.1

Our¬†buddies over at Spare Time Collective released a whopper 33-track beat tape with submissions from Australia and New Zealand producers. The tape was received so well, it clocked up to a quarter of a million plays in its first month! If you haven’t already peeped game, peep now.

Rahms – Tell me something about yourself

“Mind liberation through sonic truths” – his instagram account.

Rahms has been active with a string of post-isolation gigs and performances to back up the strength of his sound, and rightly so. His dynamic live performances are exactly what audiences need after being cooped up in-doors for so long.

Kraznov – Who BOKKU?

Kraznov has been busy on the fine art journey. Whats funny is that his sketches are almost like an exact visual representation of his music style. An array of seemingly random artifacts sprinkled around a solid beat that ties it all together.

You’ll soon see BOKKU sketches plastered all over BNE and beyond. Stay tuned.


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